Financial Aid

Tuition Assistance Information

Financial Assistance

Parents can apply for financial aid from the Archdiocese of Seattle’s Fulcrum Foundation.

  • Parents will need to complete the Fulcrum application on-line.
  • Applications are available at
  • Parents must provide copies of the application, tax forms, and required documents to the principal on or before January 6..


Parents may also apply for aid from the school’s Father Mike Schmitt Tuition Assistance.  

  • There is a separate application for the school’s financial aid which can be accessed at FACTS:
  • FACTS will charge a $30 processing fee.
  • The application is due to the principal on January 6.
  • Assistance must be applied for each year.
  • Parents must meet the financial parameters for assistance.


New families are encouraged to apply for assistance through FACTS even after the deadline. Please advise the school office that you have applied through FACTS.

Tuition Grants for new 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Catholic Students

In honor of Jacinta Marie Johnson, who attended our school in 1970 as a 6th grader and was called home to heaven that same year, we offer tuition multi-year grants for new Catholic students entering 6th, 7th, or 8th grade.

We can provide up to 50% for tuition assistance which will allow the student to remain at our school for his/her full middle school years.

The parents will need to qualify for assistance and will complete the necessary paperwork only for the first year.

The tuition grant will be automatically renewed for future years provided the student remains in good academic and behavior standing.

New families can apply through FACTS for the Jacinta Marie Johnson-Middle School Tuition Grants.

Please contact the school office for any questions about the process.