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Technology Committee


St. Brendan Catholic School’s Technology Committee is responsible for maintaining the hardware, software and network at the school, maintaining the school website and investigating new technologies for the school. The Technology Committee consists of parent volunteers and school teachers and works within the framework of the parish school. Our media specialist is the chair for the committee and prepares the agenda and meeting minutes.

The committee investigates, problem-solves and makes recommendations to the principal/pastor and all final decisions are made by the principal/pastor.

The purpose of the Technology Committee is to collaborate, communicate and contribute to the use of technology to advance the learning of students and employees.

The committee reviews and updates the Technology Plan in September of each school year. The plan is submitted to the School Commission for review. A year-end committee evaluation is completed each June. The committee maintains a technology budget which is overseen and reconciled by the principal and administrative assistant.

Technology Committee Responsibilities

Technology Support
    • Maintain the hardware, software and network
    • Bring technology issues to the attention of the committee
    • Provide technical guidance on all IT related issues in the school
Website Maintenance
    • Review information on the website for validity and accuracy
    • Assist teachers with website needs
New Technology
    • Investigate new technologies
    • Provide guidance on the advantages and disadvantages and potential impact of emerging technologies
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