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Religion Committee


The Religion Committee reviews aspects of Catholicity in our school and makes recommendations to the principal and pastor to maintain and expand the Catholic identity of the school.


  • Reviews religion curriculum and makes recommendations for updates or changes.
  • Maintains an active partnership with parents in the religious education of their children.
  • Researches and plans for parent religious education events.
  • Assists with providing service opportunities to students in their school, parish, and civic communities.
  • Assists with planning for Catholic traditions and practices with students and staff throughout the school year.
  • Reviews and makes recommendations about the signs and symbols of our Catholic faith in the school.
  • Assists with the implementation and review of the WCEA Catholic Identity Standards.
  • Assists with planning for students and staff to participate in prayer experiences and retreats.
  • Assist with the implementation of the School Improvement Plan in the area of Catholic identity.

The Religion Committee is composed of school parents, school staff, and parish staff.

The committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM.

In 2008, a school Religion Committee was formed to enhance our Catholic identity and religious instruction. The committee members include school staff, parents, the principal, parishioners, and parish staff. They meet once a month to share ideas, plan tasks, complete the School Improvement Plan goals, and help fulfill the school’s mission and vision.

In their first year, the Religion Committee:

  • implemented student led end of day prayer,
  • developed a monthly saint and virtue program,
  • reviewed the current Religion teaching curriculum, and
  • provided reading materials and CDs for parents.

In 2009, the Religion Committee:

  • arranged for each student and teacher desk to be blessed,
  • attached a permanent Holy Card on each student’s desk,
  • invited school parents and staff to a parish Life in the Spirit Seminar,
  • planned and held a religious vocation day,
  • arranged, organized, and presented an annual Children’s Holy Hour liturgy, and
  • implemented a teaching segment of the Mass at our school Masses.

Starting in 2010, the Religion Committee began working on the new accreditation Catholic Identity goals. They have:

  • provided Children’s Missals for student use and coordinated having a song sheet for each school Mass,
  • obtained teaching materials to increase student knowledge about the Mass,
  • helped planned school Masses for the following year,
  • assisted with the teaching of the Catholic Social Teachings in all grades,
  • provided parent prayer leaders for student participation in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament,
  • implemented school wide student led morning prayer,
  • arranged for continuing parent religious education through materials and presentations,
  • worked with the Knights of Columbus to raise funds to purchase Catholic Youth Bibles for junior high students,
  • planning a faith-based student recognition system to acknowledge our student’s Christian behavior, and
  • began to work closely with the St. Brendan Parish Peace and Justice and Faith Formation committees to coordinate resources and plan joint events.

(From the School Handbook)


Contact us with your questions or comments: religion-committee@school.saintbrendan.org