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Volunteers like you make a huge impact on the school community. We are grateful for those who are involved and make a difference to the school. Volunteers support our mission success and are a great example of selfless service to the young minds we shape at St. Brendan Catholic School.
To learn more, you can create and account or login to VolunteerHub. 
Volunteers that work with the students will need to comply with the Archdiocese of Seattle Safe Environment Training.
Reporting Volunteer Time
You can self report hours through your account profile OR through the 'Thank You' email after the event takes place. Remember, it is your responsibility to report your hours. 
1. Login to your account
2. Click your name
3. Select 'View Hours'
4. Select 'Report Hours'
5. Select the event you wish to report hours for
6. Enter hours served
7. Add a comment for Miscellaneous volunteering
8. Click 'Submit'
*All hours will be approved by the administrator. If you made an error or need a correct, please email the Support Team. 
Miscellaneous Volunteer Event
Currently, the Miscellaneous Volunteer event is used as a placeholder for events not entered or found in VolunteerHub. This could include, classroom support (laminating, teacher projects), chaperone or driving on field trips, etc.. We are working diligently to update and capture all volunteer opportunities, let us know if you do not see a particular event or if you didn't register for an event.
***Please note, to use the comment section for this event to inform us what your volunteer activity was. An admin may reach out with any questions.
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