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Specialist Programs

In addition to our core curriculum, we offer a variety of enrichment classes and programs. These classes include: Physical Education, Art, Music, Library, and Technology.  
Physical Education
Our P.E. Program follows the Washington State standards. Fitness improves a student's overall health and improves both mental health and cognitive development. Children learn the foundations of sportsmanship, spatial awareness, fair and safe play, as well as team work. 
St. Brendan Catholic School values a rich and comprehensive arts education. The goal of our art program is to introduce your child to a variety of mediums, cultivate creativity, and foster an appreciation for art and art history. Art work is proudly displayed down our hallways for all to see. 
The study of music influences a child's interpretation and comprehension of music to make interdisciplinary connections. The music program highlights their God given talents and gifts through vocal and instrumental instruction. Each year, your child will highlight their talents and perform in the Advent/Nativity Concert. 
Library inspires lifelong learning, a love for reading and knowledge, and provides children with the opportunity to open their minds to a world of imagination. Your child will be taught strategies for locating information, identifying valid data, and extracting information from both paper and electronic resources. 
In a world driven by technology, your child will learn to be innovative leaders through technology literacy. Technology is a tool by which teachers meet your child at their own level, pace, and interest to enhance their lifelong learning. Your child will be introduced to major operating systems and technology components including: keyboarding, documentation, and visual presentations.
Math & Reading Specialist
St. Brendan's Catholic School is committed to your child's academic excellence. We have both a Math and Reading Specialist to ensure that each individual child's learning needs are met and addressed. Our specialists provide learning strategies, study skills, and individual instruction to support your child's success, sense of competency, and confidence.