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School Handbook

Volunteer Requirements
In the school-
  • Preseason coaches meeting
  • Play Like a Champion Today (PLACT) training requirements
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness 
  • Lystedt Law training
As a student at St. Brendan Catholic School, you are fortunate to be given the opportunity to be educated spiritually and academically. Each student understands his/her parents have made this choice out of their love and concern for them.
Therefore, students will:
• behave in a respectful manner toward all school and parish personnel, volunteers, and visitors.
• respect all students and treat each one with care regardless of race, gender, or other differences.
• obey all rules.
• respect school property and the personal property of other students.
• display proper manners and show common courtesy at all times.
• assume responsibility for all their actions and not make excuses.
• always do their classwork and homework without excuses or disrespect.
• be on time, ready to learn, and give their best effort.

Student Conduct Expectations-This list is not inclusive of all student behavior expectations.
Students will:
1. Act politely and respectfully toward all other students, school and parish staff, parents,
guests, adults, and volunteers at all times on school and parish property, especially at church,
and at school and parish sponsored activities including field trips.
2. Participate at school liturgies by singing, praying, and modeling appropriate behavior
to younger students.

3. Wear full uniforms for all church liturgies and services. Students may not borrow
sweatshirts or any other uniform clothes for church attendance immediately prior to the liturgy.
4. Remain standing in assigned areas during carpool. Students will act responsibly, watch
for carpool car, walk to their car, and enter on the right side only. Game playing or running
around during carpool is not allowed.
5. Not change uniforms after school (while on premises) unless for sport practice or games.
6. Walk using indoor voices, walk on the right side of the halls, and stay on the right side
of the stairs.
7. Not disturb work and displays in the hallways.
8. Not harass or bully other students in any area of the church or school property.
9. Line up in a single line to the right side of the classroom door (as one faces the classroom
door-line up on the right side) when waiting for a class to be dismissed.
10. Enter the classroom only if there is an adult or teacher present.
11. Enter the classroom quietly and put their belongings away.
12. Exit the classroom quietly and in a respectful manner to incoming students.
13. Refrain from touching, hugging, slapping, or high-fiving other students.
14. Raise their hand and speak only when recognized by the teacher to speak.
15. Respect the property of other students, teachers, guest speakers, parent volunteers, and
school staff.
16. Sit only in their assigned classroom seats and places for gym assemblies.
17. Not borrow any items from students or teachers without permission and may not take
any item from a teacher's desk without teacher permission.
18. Ask teacher permission to use the restroom.
  • Only one student at a time may be excused from a classroom for bathroom use.
  • Students may not open windows, climb or damage bathroom property.
  • All bathroom visits must be signed in and out by the student.
  • Students may not use any hair or make-up accessories, cell-phones, or other electronic
    devices in the bathrooms.
  • Older students are to be good role models to younger students by acting politely and
    appropriately in the restrooms.

19. Not chew gum at any time on school or parish property.

20. Say grace before eating lunch.

21. Follow classroom procedures for milk and hot lunch delivery.
  • Unused student milk is returned to the gym refrigerator as soon as possible.
  • Hot lunch corrections are returned to the gym kitchen by a student with teacher permission.
22. Eat snacks in the classroom during snack times.

23. Not eat at recess, carpool, in the hallways, bathrooms, or any part of church and school
As the primary educator of their child, parents understand that they teach their child best by their own example of reverence, responsibility, and respect. Parents chose St. Brendan Catholic School to assist them in forming their child as a disciple of Jesus Christ, and understand and acknowledge that their own conduct and the example they set for their child can impact whether their child is allowed to remain enrolled in St. Brendan Catholic Catholic School. Parents understand that their child’s teacher is a dedicated professional who chooses to teach in a Catholic school.
Therefore, parents will:
• Be a Christian role model by regularly attending Sunday Mass with their children (applicable to Catholic's)

• Promote respectful behavior and Christian values

• Set a good example for their children in their own speech and behavior.

• Treat teachers, school and parish staff, other parents, and students with respect, confidentiality,
and courtesy and teach their child to do the same

• Practice confidentiality and use appropriate communication to solve differences in a peaceful manner.

• Follow the policies and procedures of the St. Brendan Catholic School Handbook.

• Accept and embrace the diversity at St. Brendan Catholic School.

• Respect the privacy of the faculty, staff, students, and their families.

• Not consume smoke or vape prescribed cannabis products on school grounds, school transportation and/or at school activities and events.

• Communicate and discuss incidents or situations honestly, respectfully, privately, and calmly with the teacher and child. If additional resolution or assistance is needed, parents may contact the principal.

• Strive to model the St. Brendan Catholic School Student Learning Expectations as a model for their children

• Support, through their actions and words, the religious and educational goals, vision, mission, policies, and decisions within the school

• Set expectations at home so that their child gets to bed early on school nights and is well rested for the school day, arrives and is picked up on time, is dressed according to the school dress code, completes assignments on time, and has a nutritional lunch and snack every day.

• Notify the school office of any changes of address, email, or important phone numbers.

• Meet all financial obligations to the school, parish, and PTO fundraising.

• Inform the school of any special situation regarding their child’s well–being, safety, and health.

• Complete and return to school any requested information promptly.

• Read promptly school bulletins, emails, texts, bulletin attachments, and newsletters.
The Principal interprets and reserves the right to amend or adjust the handbook after consultation with and approval from the pastoral leader. Parents will be notified of any changes in the handbook through the school newsletter.

Care of school property portrays a sense of pride and also strong school spirit. For this reason, all students will treat school property with care and respect. This includes being respectful of restrooms and classrooms and all that they contain.

The principal and/or his/her designee may search student desks, lockers, and personal belongings, including, but not limited to, handbags, briefcases, purses, backpacks, clothing and other items in a student's possession. The local police, using drug detecting dogs, may be invited into the school on a random basis to search lockers as a proactive, preventative measure.

The School reserves the right to use student pictures (or video) in publications and on the school’s website. Student names will not be published with pictures or video. A parent who does not wish his/her child’s picture used must notify the principal in writing prior to the beginning of the school year.

St. Brendan Catholic School grounds are not supervised outside of school hours or school events. Please respect the dedicated space and usage of the covered play area, field, and play zones during active school hours.

St. Brendan Catholic School believes that education is a partnership between home and school. If, in the opinion of the administration, parent behavior seriously interferes with the teaching/learning process and the Christian community, St. Brendan Catholic School may require parents to withdraw their children and sever their relationship with the school.
We are committed to the development of a Christian community wherein all members, adults and children, are encouraged and supported in their growth toward fullness in the person of Christ. In an effort to make this growth a reality, the faculty and staff are dedicated to building an atmosphere conducive to this Christian development. At times, this requires positive encouragement and building of self-esteem. At other times, it demands assisting an individual or group to re-direct energies toward growth.
Purpose of discipline at St. Brendan Catholic School
1. To provide an environment of Christian community, wherein growth and development of the person is made possible, stimulated, and encouraged.

2. To provide an opportunity for the student to practice Christian ideals and attitudes.

3. To assist students in the development of self-discipline, courtesy, and respect.

4. To provide an atmosphere conducive to learning, wherein no one student or group of students deprives others of their right to learn.

5. To promote respect and care within the student for himself/herself, for others in the school, and for members of society.
Appropriate behavior is defined as following three basic rules:
1. Make Good Choices
2. Be Respectful
3. Solve Problems (appropriately)
1. Students will be in uniforms that fit properly and are neat and clean.

2. Students will be in uniforms that are in good repair.

3. Uniform shirts and blouses must be worn under the school sweatshirt, sweater or vest and areto be tucked into their pants/skirts.

4. T-shirts worn under the uniform shirt or blouse must be plain white.

5. No sweatshirts, large shirts, sweaters, jackets (other than uniform logo wear) will be worn during school time.

6. All hats are to be taken off as students enter the building.

7. Students are not allowed to write on any part of their bodies, as this creates a distraction in the classroom.

8. All students shall have a green logo shirt, uniform sweater, vest or sweatshirt and will wear "full uniform" on designated days. Students always wear dress uniform for Mass days, picture days, and other special events. “Full uniform” means uniform green logo shirt, sweater, vest or sweatshirt (not athletic) as part of the uniform.
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