School Commission


The purpose of the St. Brendan School Commission is to advise the pastor and the principal in the formation of policy and ongoing development of the parish school. The commission will fulfill these functions in collaboration with the pastor and principal and they will be consulted before a major decision is made by the administrative team in those areas of School Commission’s responsibilities. The board is consultative in the following sense: the members cannot act apart from the administrative team (pastor and principal) and cannot make decisions binding for the parish educational program without the approval of the administrative team.

School Commission Responsibilities

  • Establishing a mission statement for the school
  • Establishing goals for the school
  • Establishing future plans for the school

Policy Development

  • Formulating policies which give general direction for the pastor and principal.


  • Developing plans/means to finance the school program including: tuition, fees, Development and PTO fundraising.
  • Allocating resources according to a budget, in light of the long-range goals.
  • Monitoring the budget

Public Relations

  • Communicating with various publics about the school.
  • Listening to the needs and concerns of the public’s through appropriate forums set up for this purpose.
  • Recruiting students.
  • Promoting the school to the parish and parents.


  • Determining whether commission goals and plans are being met.
  • Evaluating the commission’s own effectiveness.

School Commission Bylaws 

School Commission meetings take place on the third Wednesday of each month from 6:30-7:30 PM in the 4th Grade classroom. Please check the newsletter to confirm date and time of the meeting each month. For more information, please contact School Commission Chair Christine Ito at [email protected].


School Commission Documents