5th Grade


H.W. 4/19-4/23

Science: Finish pages 261-263 (skip #1) if you weren't able to complete it in class today.
Math: Triangle Worksheets
Reading:  Complete reading Mars Rover Selection and sticky note assignment from class if you were unable to finish in class today.
Math: pg 743-744
Reading: Literary Elements *Will need your MYBOOK for this assignment or log onto HMHCO from home and look for the book name to read online.
Math pg 749-750
ELA: Prefix/Root worksheet
**IF you are are on patrol (and only on patrol), tomorrow will be a FREE DRESS for you***  

H.W. 4/13-4/16 (updated daily)

Religion: Saint Biography Page (finish what you started in class. Make sure the information is thorough and interesting)
***Prayer Memorization Test is on Fri - Prayer was given to you at the beginning of March, you can find the prayer on Teams if you can't find the slip I gave you.***
ELA: Crystal Clear Contractions
**Tomorrow is 80s Day, wear clothing styles inspired by the 1980s.  If you choose not to wear 80s clothing, then you will need to be in uniform**
Religion: Saintly BFFS & don't forget prayer test is on Friday.
Math: pg 717-718
Religion ***Prayer test postponed until 4/30***
Math: pg 729-730
S.S.: Finish journal entry 2 from this morning (some students are finished with this)
ELA: Finish writing 3 leads if you didn't finish during class today.

Homework for 3/29-4/2 (Updated Daily)

Math- Finish Symmetry Name Monster from class today
        - Begin studying for chapter 10 math test.  Test is on Wednesday.
Science -  If you didn't finish answering the pages in your science book during class, pg 341-343, please finish today.
Math: Math test tomorrow - study chapter 9 and make 3 x 5 notecard
February and March Reflections due Friday
February and March reflections due Friday
*Bring a shirt/garbage bag to paint in
ELA: Make sure you have enough facts for your information paper on Space.
*Bring Rice Bowls if you have them
*12 dismissal tomorrow - in silence
Math:  Try and have your math corrections back to me by tomorrow...if you need til Tues. after break, that is okay as well.

H.W. 3/22-3/26 (Updated Daily)

Science: Complete pages 227-232
Math: Constellation Angles Sheet. - Use protractor you borrowed.
Religion: Baptism Information Sheet (DUE FRIDAY)
Math: Pg 681-682
ELA: On Monday you should have turned in Super Six, many have not done so, these are due tomorrow.
Religion:  Ch 10 Test on Thursday
                 Baptism Info Sheet - Due Friday
**This Friday is Spirit Day & Spirit Store**
Math: pg 687-688
Religion: Chapter 10 test tomorrow
                Baptism sheet due Fri
Math: pg 93-694
Religion: Baptism Sheet & Read Luke 1: 26-38 & draw/color a picture to go along with the picture.

Homework for 3/15-3/19 (Updated Daily)

Science: Pg 211-213 (If you didn't finish in class)
Math: Pg 641-642
Writing: Finish your Brainstorming page and choose your topic for Space.
Math: Pgs 667-668
S.S.: Junior Achievement Book pg 47
**Free dress tomorrow if you wear Gonzaga Colors/Gear.  Colors are Navy Blue, Red, and Gray.
ELA: Work on your Super Six - Due Monday
Reading: If you didn't finish the Scholastic News Worksheet in class today, you will need to turn that in on Monday.
FRIDAY-  Is an Asynchronous Learning Day - Students will be at home learning.  The School Day Ends at 12:45 on this day.
Here is what I have given students to do for Friday.  All assignments are due on Monday:

Friday Assignments:

  • Watch Mass at 8:30 – Please connect to the link in TEAMS
  • Type out your Mass Reflection in TEAMS in the Religion Reflection section. Make sure to have at least 3 sentences.
  • Math- Check your Progress pg 669-670
  • Science: Test
  • ELA: Finish your Super Six for Unit 5 (Week 1 – Nature Preserves pg 310 & Potatoes on Rooftops pg 313, Week 2-Living Green pg 313 & The Good Garden pg 341, Week 3- Parrots over Puerto Rico pg 335).  *Remember, a summary should be about the stories you read…not a paragraph using the words you chose for your Super Six. 

For example:  This module was about plants and how growing food and different crops are important to people in all different environments.  In the story, The Good Garden, we learned the importance of using Marigolds in flower beds to keep away the bugs that eat the crops.  We also read that in cities, there are hydroponic farms, where plants are growing with the help of water and UV lamps….. and so on. 

  • If you didn’t finish your Scholastic News Worksheet or Word Parts from yesterday, you will need to have those finished as well to turn in on Monday.

Homework for 3/8-3/11 (Updated Daily)

Math- Complete pages 602 & 603 Review for ch 8  & Study for tomorrow's Ch 8 test.  Studyguide is found on TEAMS in the math notebook section.  
Science: Please complete pages 193-194 in your book.  SKIP # 1
*Those of you who didn't get to share your idioms today will go first thing tomorrow morning.
Math: 20 minutes of Prodigy or Splash Learn
ELA: Verb Tense Worksheets: Make a Splash and Show what you know about Verb Tense (this last one was worked on during class, some students did not get to it).
*Work on any late work or work you want to improve your grade on.
Math: Pgs 617-618
ELA: Finish Super 6 Words for weeks 1 & 2
SCI: Think about something you'd like to learn about in our Solar System- write it on a sticky note.
Math: Pgs 623-624 & Pgs 629-630
ELA: Noun/Verb Agreement Sheet & Finish the Name that Verb sheet if you didn't finish in class today.

Homework for 3/1-3/5 (Updated Daily)

Reading: Work on Reading project
Math: Pg 567-568
Reading: Work on Reading Project
Math: Pg 581-582
S.S. - 3rd Map due on Friday (will have time in class to work on too)
LA: Bring an Idiom to School Assignment (Due Monday)
Reading: Work ong Reading Project
Math: Pg. 587-588
S.S. - 3rd Map due on Friday (will have time in class to work on too)
LA: Bring an Idiom to School Assignment (Due Monday)
Math: Pg 599-600
S.S.: Map 3 in Discovery Packet due tomorrow
ELA: Colorful Idioms Sheet (due tomorrow)
         Bring an Idiom to School (Due Monday)

Homework for 2/22-2/26 (updated daily)

Math- Tomorrow is your chapter 7 Math Test.  You  may use the study guide (found in the math section of the TEAMS notebook) to make a 3 x 5 notecard to help you on the test.
Reading- Absolutely Almost novel group will meet tomorrow
Everyone else keep working on your reading projects (Due March 4th)
ELA- Super Six Module 3 due tomorrow
Reading- Work on your final reading project
Writing- Final draft of creative narrative due on Friday
Math- Pgs 555-556
Reading- Work on Final reading project (due 3/4)
Writing- Continue to work on final draft of narrative (due Friday 2/26)
Math: pgs 561-562
ELA: Complete the Scholastic News Worksheet and Ruby Bridges sheet if you weren't able to do so today in class.
Writing: Final draft of Creative Narrative Due tomorrow
*Spirit Day and Spirit Store is tomorrow!

Homework for 2/17-2/19 (updated daily)

Math: pgs 535-536 (mostly done in class today)
Social Studies: Business Plan pg 31 in JA book
Religion: Lent Brainstorming Sheet
Reading: Reading groups, be prepared for our meetings this week.
*Jan. reflections were due today, please complete them this week
Religion:  CRS Worksheet from Class & Ash Wednesday sheet if not finished during school.
S.S.: General Attitude Survey
ELA:  Complete the Facebook Bio Page
*Jan reflections were due Wed. Please make sure you get them in this week.

Homework for 2/8-2/12 (Updated Daily)

Math: Pg 497-498
Chapter 6 Test corrections due no later than 2/17
Religion:  Chapter 6 & 7 test tomorrow 
January Work Reflections due Wednesday 2/17
Math: pg 517-518
Social Studies: Please complete the sheets we started in class today.  One is a map activity you must cut out and glue onto construction paper.  The other are paper dolls on the Colonial Dress.  They too must be assembled according to the directions on the pages.
ELA:  Grammar test tomorrow.  You may use your notebook for this test.  The test will cover parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adject, etc),  capitals, commas, word parts we have gone over so far, and editing.
January reflections due next Wed. 2/17
Math: pgs 529-530
Reading: Make sure you are ready to discuss your assignments for small reading novel groups.
*Bring your Valentines Tomorrow*

Homework for 2/1-2/5 (Updated Daily)

 Math - Chapter 6 Math test tomorrow - Study Guide is on TEAMS
           - Complete pages 468-469 Review Sheet
           -May make 3 x 5 notecard for test.
Science:  - Zingy Science Lesson on Chemical Reactions 1 + worksheet.
Catholic Schools Week Theme Day for tomorrow:  Wear Tie-Dye or Tropical clothing.
Tuesday (Sorry, I went home sick and didn't get a chance to add h.w. on this day)
Science: Chemical Reactions II on Zingy Math & Worksheet (Due Thrs)
ELA:  Comma worksheet (If not finished in class)
If you didn't finish the following in class though, you have homework... :(
Math: pgs 485-486
Science: Cheical Reactions II on Zingy Math & Worksheet
Tomorrow is Dress like a teacher day or black/blue/purple clothing
Math: pg 491-492
S.S.: Finish the Explorer Packet if you didn't complete it in class today.
Religion- Tomorrow we read at Mass and attend Mass in person.  Make sure you are prepared.
*Tomorrow is dress like a character/celebritity/hero
*Please make sure to bring canned food or some other form of non-perishable foods.

Homework for 1/25-1/29 (Updated daily)

Math: pgs 438-439
Science: finish the review pages 154-156 if you didn't in class.
*Any make up work*
Math: pgs 447-448
Social Studies:
       *Finish page 9 in booklet if you didn't finish in class.
       * Complete page 12d in Atlas Packet if you didn't finish in class.
ELA:  Shark Summary Worksheet
SCI: Reminder that your unit test is on Thursday.
**MAP test tomorrow, bring slippers if you want to wear them during the test.***
Math: pgs 459-460
Science: Test tomorrow make sure you study
Reading: Be prepared for your reading groups tomorrow if you meet on Thursdays.
ELA: Summarize Lost Treasuer using worksheet.
Math pgs 465-466 
Science: Finish the test online if you weren't able to in class
*Spirit Day Tomorrow!*

Homework for 1/19-1/22 (Updated daily)

Math- pg. 415-416
Social Studies- Finish pg 48 in packet - use the yello Atlas to help you.
*Permission slip for Junior Achievement & $
*December Reflections
*Math MAP TESTING tomorrow
Reading: Make sure your reading assignment is done if you have your reading group on Thrs.
Social Studies/ELA: Martin Luther King jr. reading & short answer
*Permission slip for Jr. Achievement & $
*December Reflections
Math- pgs 427-428
ELA:  Make sure you have completed the worksheets you started in class on MLK jr. (many have turned these in already)
*Permission slip/$ for JA
Reading groups need to be ready for tomorrow.
*Love, Amalia - read to page 119 + Sticky Notes
*Story Thieves- Read to the end of chapter 16 + Questions

Week of January 11th-15th H.W. (Updated daily)

HI There!  I apologize for not having this up on Monday.  The website we use for communication changed my password and had to wait til Tuesday to find out what to do.
Math:  Continue to work on the Sandwich Shop Assignment (DUE FRI)
Math Quiz Corrections due Friday
Science: If you didn't finish in class, please complete the check in book on pages 123-125 (Skip #1 on pg 123)
Reading Groups:
Absolutely Almost Group- Please make sure you completed the assignment that was due today then move on to reading pages 21-43 & complete questions 1, 2, & 4) DUE THURSDAY
Mixed Up Files Group- Make sure you completed the assignment that was due today then move on to reading pgs 19-27 & complete the questions in your booklet.  DUE THURSDAY
All the other reading groups, continue with the assignment given during your first meeting.
Remember to bring permission slip and $ for Junior Achievement
Math: Pgs 383-384
Sandwich Shop Project due Fri.
Reading Groups - Continue to work on your assignments
December Reflections due next Tuesday (1/19)
Permission slip for Junior Achivement/ $ due (1/19)
Math: pgs 395-396
Quiz Corrections & Sandwich Shop Project both due on Friday.
Writing: Finish the descriptive writing clue we started today.
Reading: Be ready for your reading group.
Math: pg 407-408
*Make sure to turn in quiz corrections tomorrow & Your Sandwich Shop Project
Writing: Complete the In Your Shoes Questionaire from earlier today in class.  
Reading: Make sure that if you have a reading group tomorrow, that you are ready.
Super Six Words (10 words + 6 sentences) from week one's book: Eruption is due Tuesday.

Week of January 4-8th Homework

Hello!  I appologize for not keeping this updated earlier this week.  Here is what is due this week.
Monday:  Asynch Day, no h.w. except for drawing of Sunflower- must be colored.
Math: Pg 339-340
All Late Work/Missing Assignments due Friday
ELA: Super Six due on Friday
Math: pg 345-346
ELA: Completed Selfie Picture
*Late/Missing work due Fri
Math: pg 365-366
S.S.: Work on your Aztec/Maya/Inca webquest...we still will have some time to work on it in class tomorrow- but if you still have a lot to work on, please work on it tonight.
ELA: One Word for 2021 and Selfie Picture morning work assignments due tomorrow
-Super Six due tomorrow
*Late/Missing work due Tomorrow
*LATE/MISSING Work due tomorrow