Homeroom (6th) (Period 0) Assignments

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6th Lit--12/2/2022

6th Lit--12/2/2022--be certain that you have finished reading Stave 3.   Complete the exit ticket and turn it in.  For class on Friday, if you have not completed or turned in exit tickets 1 and/or 2, they must be turned in on Friday, 12/2/2022, tomorrow.
Reading log is due tomorrow, Friday, 12/2/2022.
Created by Rosemary Wenzl: Thursday, December 1 2:07 PM


6th Lit--11/15/2022

6th Lit--11/15/2022--be prepared to finish in class the work we began today.  Complete the exit ticket for Stave one and turn in on Tuesday, 11/15/2022.  Plan to begin reading Stave 2 tomorrow in class with your small group.
Next reading log is due on Friday, 11/18/2022.  Work to read for 150 minutes during the week.
Created by Rosemary Wenzl: Monday, November 14 2:11 PM


6th Lit--10/5/2022

6th Lit--10/5/2022--reading log with at least 150 minutes is due on Friday, 10/7/2022.
Created by Rosemary Wenzl: Tuesday, October 4 2:01 PM


6th homeroom--9/8/2022

6th homeroom--9/8/2022--Give your parents the "Student Information" sheet to be completed tonight and turned in on Thursday, 9/8/2022. 
NO changing for PE on Thursday, 9/8/2022.
Created by Rosemary Wenzl: Wednesday, September 7 12:46 PM