6th Religion Assignments

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Why Be Catholic?

This assessment covers the material learned in Module 5 of Credible Catholic's 7 Essential Modules. This is the last Credible Catholic assessment of the school year! 
Created by Mary Sims: Saturday, June 3 2:16 PM


Proof of Jesus' Resurrection and Divinity Assessment

This assessment will cover Module 4 of Credible Catholic
Created by Mary Sims: Wednesday, March 29 3:29 PM


Ten Commandments

Students will write out the 10 Commandments, in numerical order.
Created by Mary Sims: Wednesday, February 22 10:43 AM


Philosophical Proof of God's Existence Assessment

This assessment covers the 3rd Module of the Credible Catholic program - Philosophical Proof of God's Existence.
Created by Mary Sims: Thursday, February 2 2:43 PM