5th Grade Art (Period Friday @ 1:30) Assignments

Mrs. Marlize van Eeden
2021-2022 School Year
5th Grade
PLEASE NOTE : If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to come and discuss a time to catch up to the rest of the class. Catch up can be done during home room / after school or at home depending on the availability and need. 


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Mexican Folk Art

Project: Amate paper painting
We will learn more about Mexican folk art the process of using Amate paper. 
Students will design 3 different owls and choose their best owl to draw on brown construction paper that they have crumbled up to create texture. 
Students will paint their owls with acrylic paint in bold colors. They will also add white dots to create a pattern on their painting.
Elements & Principles: Shape, pattern, line, colors, balance
Created by Marlize van Eeden: Monday, January 3 1:29 PM


1st Trimester assignments

Project 1: Graffiti inspired name design to reflect your interest. 
Project 2: Renaissance self-portrait inspired by Albrecht Durer and Jan van Eyck. (20 points)
PLEASE NOTE: Students who were absent must contact me to get caught up to avoid an incomplete.
Created by Marlize van Eeden: Wednesday, October 27 9:44 AM