4th Grade Art (Period Wednesday @ 1:30) Assignments

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Past Assignments


Picasso's 3 Jazz Musicians

Students will use Picasso's artwork 3 Jazz Musicians to create a collage using a variety of paper. They will have to create 3 musicians and give every musician an instrument of their choice.
They will use pencil, scissors, various papers and glue to create their masterpiece. 
Created by Marlize van Eeden: Tuesday, February 22 2:45 PM


South- American Aztec sun

Project: Aztec sun
Students will learn about the Aztec sun.
They will design an Aztec sun on a paper and transfer it to foil.
They will color it with markers once their done with their design.
We will glue it on a black background and add a frame using 2 shapes that will alternate. 
Mixed media: Foil, paper, pencil, markers
Elements & Principles: shapes, line, pattern, unity, color
Created by Marlize van Eeden: Monday, January 3 1:20 PM


1st Trimester assignments

Project 1: Name Design based on the 4 line styles (basic) 
Project 2: Monochromatic self portrait based on Van Gogh and Picasso's blue period (20 points)
PLEASE NOTE: Students who were absent must contact me to get caught up on their work, to avoid an incomplete on their report card. 
Created by Marlize van Eeden: Tuesday, November 2 3:26 PM