1st Grade Art (Period Wednesday @12:20) Assignments

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Around the world - Native American art

Project: Native American symmetrical turtle 
We will learn about cool & warm colors and paint our backgrounds with colors inspired by the Native American culture. 
We will learn about turtles and what they symbolize in the Native American culture. We will revise symmetry and draw a symmetrical turtle on brown construction paper.
We will add a patterned frame to complete our project. 
Created by Marlize van Eeden: Monday, January 3 12:59 PM


1st Trimester assignments

Project 1. Name Design - Secondary colors; pattern and line (4 point grading scale)
Project 2. Abstract self portrait inspired by Pablo Picasso's cubism (4 point grading scale)
PLEASE NOTE: If a student is absent please contact me to catch up and avoid having an incomplete on your report card. 
Created by Marlize van Eeden: Tuesday, November 2 11:55 AM