8th Grade - STUDY SKILLS Assignments

Mrs. Brenda Fogliani
2021-2022 School Year
8th Grade
Welcome to the 8th Grade Study Skills Class!  
Our focus this year will be building on the study skills we covered last year, in addition to introducing executive functioning skills.
The 8th grade Study Skills class will take place during the 3rd trimester on Wednesdays from 10:55-11:35 in Mr. Langston's room beginning March 9, 2022.
Weekly lessons in study skills and executive functioning skills (planning, organization, time management, task initiation, working memory, metacognition, self-control, sustained attention, flexibility, and perseverance).   


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Study Skills Homework

Homework due tomorrow - Thursday, January 6th
(1)  Subscribe to the 8th Grade Study Skills webpage
(2)  Make a STUDY SKILLS section in your binder to include all the handouts provided in class today and future handouts.
(3)  Read and review the handouts provided in class today.
(4)  Complete the survey handed out in class today.  If you did not turn in during class today, you need to complete as homework tonight and either (1) physically turn in to Mrs. Fogliani's mailbox in the school office tomorrow OR complete and send a photo to Mrs. Fogliani at [email protected] OR type your 5 choices on the survey and email to Mrs. Fogliani
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