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Letter to June Self

On envelope write your name & Room #124

  • Sealed – Private (for your eyes only unless want to share)
  • What want to say to your June self?
  • Examples
    • Wearing on 1st day?
    • Favorites (friends, singer, food, hangout, pastime)
    • How do you feel on 1st day?
    • Greatest fear for coming year
    • Hope for coming year
    • What would like to change this year?
    • What/How like to improve?
    • What do you want your future self to know?
Drop-off at school by end of Sep.  I will hold & return to you in June
Created by Kem Deehr: Wednesday, September 9 10:29 AM


Letters to June Self

This week of MAP testing is an ideal time to write your Letter to your June Self. (: 
Created by Kem Deehr: Tuesday, September 22 8:49 AM


Virtual Locker

Due at the beginning of Second Step class.  Can't wait to see all the creativity!
Created by Kem Deehr: Tuesday, September 8 1:43 PM