Welcome to the Saint Brendan School Lunch Program! 

How Do I pay for this wonderful program?

*If you wish to add money to your student account by credit card you will need to create an online account in  School Payment Portal see below for link.  https://www.schoolpaymentportal.com/ConsumerLogin.aspx

You can also use this portal to login and view your student’s lunch ordering history. Please note when you are asked to enter your school zip code it is 98011.

*Send in cash or check in an envelope with your students name marked lunch. Please note the lunch program will not offer change.

*Your students account will be allowed to go in the negative you will just need to pay balance before each trimester is over in order for your student to receive their report card.

Lunch Options

Option A- standard lunch of the day with salad bar and milk $5.00.

Option B- salad bar only with roll and milk $4.00.

Option C-milk only .25cents

Students will also be able to purchase an extra slice of pizza on pizza day for $2.00

Other Helpful Information

Students will be able to decide if they want hot lunch day of- you will no longer have to pre-order lunch.  Students will order lunch everyday first thing when they come to school similar to how they ordered milk.  The school will bill your students lunch account.

Saint Brendan’s kitchen staff will be able to decide what to serve and the quality of the food, and be on hand to address any lunch problems during lunch time.  In the past the caterer had left the building when lunch was served to the students.

Students will eat in the Gym together in a cafeteria setting.  Students will sit with their class at assigned tables.  Parents will be able to volunteer for lunch room duty if they wish.

Parents will also be able to purchase lunch if they like.  Please note the lunch program will not issue change.

Saint Brendan will be able to put any positive profits from the program back into the school.

Finally, please be patient and flexible we will adjust the program as needed throughout the year.

Who do I contact for questions?  Please contact Amy or Sarah at: lunch@school.saintbrendan.org.




The Lunch Program

Please visit the following link to the Hot Lunch Calendar.