Gift CardsF.A.Q.'s and Updates

Gift Cards/Scrip is a year round fundraising program at St. Brendan Catholic School.

Purchasing Gift Cards/Scrip is an easy and effective way to help support St. Brendan Catholic School.  You can use gift cards to purchase everyday expenses like food, clothing, gas, eating out/restaurants, and other essentials, and gifts for others.

With every purchase you earn credit for St. Brendan and your fundraising commitment.  Simply pay face value for your gift cards and receive a credit towards your fundraising goal. It is that easy!

 Gift Cards/Scrip can be purchased in the following methods:

Set up a standing (recurring) monthly or bi-monthly order.  Complete the order form and standing order registration form, and send them to the office.  Send payment prior to each order date.

Place a one time order.  Complete the order form and send it, with payment, to the office. 

Order online at


Purchase cards from the school office.

Purchase cards after St. Brendan mass.  See the after-mass sales schedule for dates.  *NEW* Sign up to sell gift cards after mass on Signup Genius.


Order Dates

Payment due by the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month and delivered by the following Friday, unless otherwise noted*:

Payment Due (by 2pm in school office) Order Delivered
September 14 September 21
September 28 October 5
October 11 (Thursday) October 19
October 26 November 2
November 9 November 16
November 27 (Tuesday) **HOLIDAY ORDERS** December 4 (Tuesday)
December 7 **HOLIDAY ORDERS** December 14
January 11 January 18
January 25 February 1
February 8 February 20 (Wednesday)
February 22 March 1
March 8 March 18 (Monday)
March 22 March 29
April 12 April 19
April 29 (Monday) May 6 (Monday)
May 10 May 17
May 24 May 31

*One-time (non-standing) orders: Order form must be submitted with payment.

Questions? Contact the current Gift Card Chair at


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St. Brendan Gift Card Store FAQs & Updates

What is the St. Brendan Gift Card Store? The Gift Card Store is one of the easiest ways to support the school while also earning money toward your fundraising commitment. Simply purchase gift cards from St. Brendan at face value for the retailers you shop most. St. Brendan’s purchases the cards at a discount and the difference from face value is credited to your family’s fundraising.

Why fundraise with St. Brendan Gift Cards? Where do the funds go? Gift Cards is a great fundraiser, as it does not cost your family anything to purchase or use! For example, $100 of QFC buys $100 worth of QFC groceries or gas. All Gift Card profit goes into the PTO general fund.

I would like to order a card for a merchant that is not on the order form, can I do this? Yes! We only list the most popular stores on the order form but there is a complete list of vendors online. View the entire list at

If I send in an order, when/how will I get the gift cards? Orders are processed at 8:30 on Monday mornings to ensure delivery by Friday of that week. Orders turned in AFTER 8:30 on Monday morning will NOT be processed until the following week which means it could take up to ten days to receive your gift cards. We encourage families to turn in their requests by Friday so that we can include them in our Monday morning ordering. Orders are sent home with the youngest child in the family. If you’d prefer to pick up your gift cards in the office, please include a note with your order/payment.

How do I pay for my gift card order? Can I pay with my credit card? You can pay with exact cash or a check. Due to increasing bank fees (which reduces profit), we will not be able to ACCEPT CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS beginning in August 2014.

Can I create a Standing Order (monthly or bi-monthly orders)? Creating a standing order is a great way to ensure that your orders are processed on a regular basis. Orders are processed on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month and delivered by Friday of the same week. Payment for standing orders must be in the office prior to 8:30am to ensure processing.

Does it cost anything to buy gift cards or shop at No! There are NO membership fees or application fees. Simply pay face value for your gift cards and receive a credit towards your fundraising goal.

Can friends and family participate in this fundraiser? Absolutely! Make sure your friends and family designate YOU as the school family on their order forms so that their purchases are credited to your fundraising commitment and support St. Brendan School.

How do I become involved with the Gift Card Team? Helping with gift cards is an easy way to earn volunteer hours. It is amazing how quickly your time will add up. We have many different opportunities for volunteers. If you are interested in any of these jobs please contact us at

  • Selling gift cards during carpool at school or after Mass on designated weekends at St. Brendan and Blessed Teresa Parishes
  • Processing and preparing orders each Monday
  • Marketing: keeping the school and church bulletin updated with news

Questions, email