Join us for the 2017 St. Brendan Holiday Craft Fair – November 11th & 12th, 2017.

Saturday – November 11, 2017  9:00AM to 5:00PM
Sunday – November 12, 2017  11:00AM to 4:00PM

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Contact Sarah at saintbrendancraftfair@gmail.com



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Craft Fair Vendors


It is that time of year again.    We will begin accepting applications for the 2017  Saint Brendan Holiday Craft Fair on April 1st.     The fair will be held on November 11 and 12th at Saint Brendan School.  

*Applications will be accepted from April 1st-June10th we will no longer be working on a first come first serve basis .

* Once we have all our applications we will begin the process of filling our spots. The craft fair team will meet and go over every single application and decide if it is a good fit for our fair.  Our main objective is to increase variety at the fair.

*Each application must include a photo of your product, even if you are a returning vendor.  It can be printed on regular paper or be a photo but a picture must be included with your application.   We will not accept web links or digital pictures as it is to hard to look up every vendor.   This will help remind us of who you are if you are a veteran vendor or give us an idea of what your product is if you are new.

We are hopeful these changes will increase the product variety at our fair and help to keep our craft fair as the #1 holiday fair in the area.

2017 Craft Fair Application

Thank-you and I am very excited for next years fair

Sarah Beeson

Vendor Coordinator Sarah  at saintbrendancraftfair@gmail.com.


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Craft Fair Volunteer Opportunities

There are many areas to volunteer at the Holiday Craft Fair!

This includes:

  • Set-up/Clean-up of school and Decorations
  • PTO Raffle
  • PTO Bake Sale
  • Kitchen/Concessions
  • Publicity
  • Student Volunteers


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