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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Ms. Herold

This will be Ms. Herold's second year at St. Brendan, and her third year teaching at all! Ms. Herold has a BA in Music Performance (Voice) and Theatre Arts from Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas, but grew up in the South Seattle area. She attended St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School and Kennedy Catholic High School in Burien, WA, where her love of music and theatre were born (you name it, she did it: jazz ensemble, choir, band, drama..) While serving as drum major for a couple years in high school, she began to suspect she might have a passion not only for performing, but for teaching as well, and.. here we are. 
While her music studies consisted mainly of classical and operatic repertoire in college, she'd have to say musical theatre is her (first love and) favorite genre, with jazz coming in at a close second. After graduation she was hired as a company member at the Brownville Village Repertory Theatre (Brownville, NE), where she served as a professional music director, accompanist, designer and actress (yes, all at the same time) before moving home to pursue opportunities in the Northwest. When not at school, you may find Ms. Herold freelance designing and acting in the Seattle area, at her latest Paleo baking experiment (it's a feat), playwriting, songwriting or drawing cartoons, though.. rarely all at the same time. She has an older sister and two younger brothers, and loves murder mysteries, coffee, British comedy and rollerskating.