About The Teacher

My name is Bethany Hair and this will be my second year teaching at St. Brendan and my fifth year teaching overall. I grew up in Hendersonville, North Carolina. I graduated from Franciscan University of Steubenville with a Bachelor’s in English Literature and a minor in Theology. I started my teaching career at a Catholic preschool in North Carolina while completing my teaching certificate. My favorite parts about teaching pre-kindergarten are listening to my students' thoughts and personal stories during group time and interacting with them during free choice play.



8th Grade Q & A Session with Fr. Wichert

Fr. Wichert answers some questions from the 8th grade class such as why God, who is all-loving, allows evil and suffering; how old God is; if going to Mass is required to be a "good Christian; and how we are called to love every person. The video starts part way through Father answering the first question.