I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington into a large Italian family of which I am third generation American.  My heritage is a large part of my life and I’ve spent many years researching and documenting my family history. The grades I remember most from my schooling are 3rd, 5th and 8th. I graduated from John F. Kennedy Memorial High School, went on to Highline Community College, and then Central Washington University. 

Some things I like to do in my spare time are: reading, knitting, genealogy research, web design, going to movies and spending time with my family. I don’t spend a lot of time watching TV but my favorite shows are Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and Outlander.


This will be my 27th year at Saint Brendan Catholic School and my 30th year of teaching.  I began my career here teaching computer classes and then added 7th grade Literature and Religion. As the 7th grade homeroom teacher, I was the recipient of The Gates Foundation Teacher Leadership Project. It was an honor to receive the grant which allowed me to bring technology into my homeroom on a full-time basis by putting computers in the room at 1:4 ratio. WIthin the Archdiocese I was a founding member of the Archdiocese Technology Committee, GRACE Leadership Team, various curriculum committees, accreditation visiting teams, and participated in the Leadership Academy. 


I moved to third grade in 2004 and I love it! I believe that all children can learn; they just have different ways of doing it. I strive to bring books to life for them during reading and read alouds; history comes alive as we learn about those who came before us and communities near and far. 


In my classroom there are many themes that take place. From day one, I instill a sense of student responsibility and pride in work. I set high expectations for treatment of their peers. Students are respected for their various learning styles and supported. Parental involvement is a high priority in our school and in 3rd grade; we love having parents help in many ways.




Miss Karen Constantino